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Late Withdrawal Fee


Late Withdrawal and Player Suspension (S) Policy

  • Any West Florida Golf Tour participant that withdraws from an event that he/she is registered for after the entry deadline has passed will be required to pay a $100 withdraw fee. Any player withdrawing from an event after tee times have posted or “No Shows” for an event will be required to pay FULL ENTRY FEE. Players that withdraw after the deadline and don’t immediately pay the $100 withdraw fee will have their account suspended and an (S) will appear next to their name on the website.

  • Remember, a player can withdraw for any reason prior to the entry deadline without penalty.

  • Repeat offenders of this policy may be required to prepay for future events if the Tour deems necessary.

  • Players may still register for events while under suspension, but will be required to pay the appropriate fees before they can compete.

  • If a player obtains a spot in a sanctioned tour event via Monday qualifying, late WD fees are waived.

Note: It is the player’s responsibility to know when the entry deadline is, as it is clearly written on every Tournament Page.

Player Withdraw Options

  1. Email the Tour at
  2. Contact Christian Bartolacci, the Executive Director at (215) 630-3644

Withdraw, “No Show” Payment Options

  1. A player may click on the (S) or click here.
  2. A player may pay at registration.

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